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April 8, 2013
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The drinking song rang through the bar echoing in grate on your nerves. Sung by ten roaring drunk men, the allies, and the axis powers.

You finished the shot you so desperately needed right now, normally you would never drink because you had loathed the smell of beer. When you were twelve collecting cans for extra money the smell of old beer and gunk that covered your hands was never pleasing to you.

The bartender signaled you “I think it’s time for them to go” he mouthed over the song “need help?” He asked with a look of pity.

You shook your head “I got this” you mouthed. You wearily stood they had dissolved into laughter for they were all so drunk they couldn’t remember how to count backwards.

You inhaled deeply “ATTENTION!” you yelled at the top of your lungs with a decent imitation of a German accent.

They all fell off their stools, fumbled to their feet, standing straight in the best line they could make in this condition. Some turned to the right but corrected themselves when seeing the others turned left. The scary thing was Ludwig was obeying to the letter oblivious to the fact he was ‘obeying his own voice.’

“Forward, March!”

They started off most of them weaving; they all made it out the door though. You caught a glimpse of the bartender giving you an admiring look.

“Platoon halt” you yelled they lurched to a stop. You decided to make for your house it had extra bedrooms but you were unfamiliar with the command the turn.

“Um… Column LEFT march” you guessed remembering a particular command Ludwig gave. Surprisingly enough they did and marched down the street.

The walk home was aggravating you saved Francis from cars at least two times had to stop and calm them down when arther and Alfred got into some little argument and constantly had to push Italy away from dark suspicion alleyways. He considered them ‘good hiding spots’ it took you forever to explain we weren’t playing hide-and-go-seek.

They finally dissolved, thankfully, when they were in your house by this time you were able to catch them individually and find places for them to sleep.

Kiku was last.

“You know ____”, he slurred leaning against you heavily apparently forgetting his abhorrence of being close.

“I’ve never understood alcohol I always thought it was stupid until I found the sake (saw-key: Japanese rice wine) under my bed” he winked. “Boy did I get drunk that night” he laughed and slapped his knee as you both climbed the stairs.

“Of course no one very found out the door was locked but boy did I learn about headaches”, he laughed again.

“You know you’re wonderful,” he almost sang. “Everybody thinks so your pretty too you know that ____?” you look at him he grinned down at you.

“Everybody goes on and on about the beautiful _____ _____ everyone likes you, especially me” he jabbed his finger at his chest. “’cause it’s all true and that ain’t just the liquor talking either” you blushed it was nice to know someone appreciated you.

“I’m drunk aren’t I? He said you jerked you head up in surprise he had said that with a
slur or stumble just like normal Kiku asking about the weather.

He was looking at you sadly “yes you are Kiku” you said gently then he did something unexpected; he started bawling his eyes out!

You were instantly at a loss of what to do and extremely uncomfortable. “I-I p-promised!” he wailed, “I promised myself I’d never get drunk and I did! The sake was an accident I-I didn’t mean too but this time I really did know I might get drunk! I even played a drinking game! I broke my promise” at this he began to sob uncontrollably.

You just kept quiet not knowing what to do. You lead him into a guest room he settled him down on the bed and cried into his pillow “don’t leave me” he pleaded when you prepared to exit.

You smiled “don’t worry Kiku I’ll be downstairs on the couch if you need me” he sniffed “o-ok” you made your way down the stairs and collapsed on the couch exhausted.

Unable to help yourself you smiled at the memory of the bartender’s admiring face 'works every time' you thought.

The ten countries had dubbed you ‘designated driver’ if sober heck they never obeyed you but when they were drunk you could make them do anything. Of course you had a crush on Kiku but you couldn’t tell, poor Kiku, he hated close contact and probably would never snag a girlfriend no matter how damn handsome he was.

You barely had time to finish your thought before you were out like a light.


You awoke suddenly, and then relaxed, you were so comfortable! Curled up into a ball, you savored the pure laziness, the warmth of the couch, the feeling of skin against skin- the feeling of skin against skin!

Your heart sped up in fear and some other feeling hard to identify.

You cursed inwardly what were you thinking? Ten drunken guys who could wake up at any moment. You were still dressed (thank god) you slowly turned your head silently praying it wasn’t Francis.

It wasn’t it was Kiku, you went limp in relief, wait Kiku? What in the bloody hell? You turned your head again, it was definitely Kiku.

He was curled around you a slight smile on his face the first few buttons on his uniform undone sleeping soundly. He must have crept down a while ago his arm was around you

You couldn’t move because he would most definitely awaken it was several hours before dawn the last thing you wanted was poor Kiku with a monster hangover at three in the morning.

Besides you were comfortable you snuggled down into the cushions and sleep came over you in a flash.


Kiku opened his eyes, somebody drove an ice pick in between his eyes, or, at least it felt like someone had.

He looked down, instantly panic came over him he wasn’t in the bed he was on the couch curled around _____!

That horrible feeling in his stomach he got when in close proximity with a fellow human rose and then fell disappearing instantaneously.

He was still uncomfortable, but the fear was gone replaced by a strange sense of satisfaction. He couldn’t remember much about last night but had a suspicion he err ‘spilled the beans.’

About what he couldn’t be sure. Other than that everything seemed to be ok ____ was still sleeping soundly if not happily.

'She looks adorable when sleeping' he thought 'whoa! Where did that come from?' He always had liked her but he had always denied he liked more than a friend.

He gently started to pull away, when she jerked awake and looked up at him drowsily he very nearly panicked.

She smiled blearily and planted a kiss on his nose he blushed “now for heaven’s sake it’s six in the morning go back to sleep.”
sooo.... yeah, fluff
:/ for some reason this seems very grief-like to me I’m not even sure if I like it. It just whacked me upside the head so I wrote it *shrugs* (I was bullied by the idea!)
if you only have an apartment pretend you have a house with plenty of guest rooms ok?
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The stroy is soooo cute~ x3
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The fluff was great!!! Too cute for words
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The commands, that seems like something I would do... -_-
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