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May 3, 2013
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(Random girl name here) stood shivering like a lovesick puppy looking at the bottle, then at Francis.

“Is she ok?” Arthur murmured you shrugged.

Francis grinned as he sauntered over to a quivering girl.

He gave her a rather intense French kiss, she froze, and just stood there before fainting, Francis caught her in that romantic way they do in movies.

She came to for a second and stared at him for a second, then fainted again, He grinned.

“Typical reaction”

He picked her up and carried her away bridal style.

“Shouldn’t someone chaperone?” you asked, Japan was already hurrying after Francis.
There was a pause and you heard Francis

“Aww you’re no fun!” pouting, Francis stomped back into the room, Kiku close behind. (No I don’t think Francis is a rapist! I just put that in here)

“Your turn Ludwig” Alfred said brightly, Ludwig grumbled.

“I don’t know why I play your stupid games” he knelt down and spun the plastic soda bottle.

You crossed your fingers hoping, praying… thank you! It stopped pointing at you!

Ludwig then did something rather concerning he turned gray, then green, then blue, white, pink, and then red! He seemed to flicker purple for a second too.

“That’s why you play our stupid games,” Francis said saucily pointing at you.

It was perfect time to blush so you did.

Ludwig seemed torn then folded his arms.

“I refuse!” you were hurt.

“Why not?” you asked indignantly, he tried to look you in the eye but failed.

Instead, he answered the bookcase

“I will not defile ____ like that!” you blushed darker.

“Always the gentleman, isn’t he?” Francis muttered bitterly.

“Oh come now, Francis” Gilbert drawled, “You know he isn’t going to do it! It’s time for plan B”

“Plan B?” you asked.

Suddenly Antonio grabbed your arms, from behind.

“Hey!” you cried kicking, they apparently had Ludwig too because he was cursing in German.

Next thing you knew Antonio had thrown you into a relatively large wardrobe then shoved Ludwig in without much tact. The doors slammed shut and locked.

“Prussia! You son of mother Russia! Let us out!” Ludwig shouted pounding on the door you weren’t sure if that was an insult or not.

“Not until you get busy” you blushed crimson as the bad touch trio and friends all laughed.

Ludwig gave up his tirade and just stood there his arms folded, muttering in German. The small gap in the top corner of the wardrobe illuminated his face.

Yep he looked pissed.

You felt past the soft cotton clothes to the back of the closet as soon as your fingers made contact with the backboard your heart sunk.

“Damn” you mumbled.

“What?” he asked

“No doorway to Narnia” you said sarcastically.

He blinked “what?”

“Never mind”

There was an awkward silence. You very carefully lowered yourself to the floor and sat cross-legged your knees propped against the sides.

He did the same and the awkward silence continued.

You liked him, a lot. He didn’t notice of course. You had been friends for a long time in fact so long you could remember when you hadn’t been friends.

“I’m not hearing passionate moans,” Francis said in a singsong voice

“Shut up Francis,” you and Ludwig said in unison.

“Oh, come on brother” Prussia said in a disturbingly smooth voice “tell her what you told me you wanted to tell her”

“Go away, Prussia” Ludwig said sounding embarrassed

“Come on say it with me brother, Ich…”

“What did you want to tell me?” you asked curiously you didn’t know much German but Ich meant I, me, or something of that nature.

Ludwig was furious

“That is blackmail brother!”

“Come on you remember ‘liebe-”

“Fine!” Ludwig interrupted panicking “fine just shut up Prussia! Ich liebe dich _____”

He almost launched himself forward he hands hit the side of the wardrobe by your shoulders and he smashed his lips to yours.

It was so forceful the wardrobe tipped and crashed to the floor.

Ludwig inadvertently crushed you but to hell with gravity, Ludwig was kissing you!

You heard wolf whistles and catcalls

“I didn’t know my brother had it in him,” Prussia said chortling.

He was rough but not aggressive, one hand rested on your hip, the other tangled in your hair.

“We better go Gilbert and leave them alone, don’t go cheating Ludwig now ____ go all the way” they would have learned some clever new insults that day if you hadn’t been occupied.

“Oh and one last thing” the door fell open to reveal a grinning Antonio he tossed a pair of handcuffs in before shutting the door again.

You waited for Germany to break away and yell at them but instead…

You heard the click of handcuffs shutting and you felt cold metal on your wrist.

He let out a low growl and pushed you down harder

Oh wow, Germany got all :icongermanypedofaceplz: on you.

I swear I would kill the bad touch trio after thanking them profusely :iconpervyfranceplz: :iconpervyprussiaplz: :iconpervyspainplz:

I’m not satisfied with this I don’t really like it that much I just can’t write Germany for some reason and he’s my favorite character!

Thank you for voting! I love you all. Before you go to vote, Spain is next and now I list those who haven’t gotten a story yet. Japan, Italy, and France. (Excluding the possibilities of Austria, Finland, Denmark, etc. etc.) Technically, Japan would be after Spain but for all I know suddenly everybody is going to beg for Italy or France, so yeah. Go to America’s page and vote!

Canada –
England –
America –
China –
Prussia –
Russia –
Romano -
Italy -
Spain -
Sweden -
Austria -
Switzerland -
Romania -

Denmark -

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