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April 6, 2013
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But anyway enjoy <3

You trudged up the stairs to Ludwig’s apartment for his usual lecture and work out you were early today just so he might go easy on you during laps. Italy would no doubt be late and Japan on the very second Ludwig said to be there so you might spend some time talking to him.

You liked him a lot emphasis on the ‘a lot’ part. The trio had been your friend for quite awhile you had met Feli just before that nasty ‘tomato box spirit’ incident and of course Feli introduced you to the axis powers and you got to at least talk with some of the allies.

Ludwig was not happy to say the least he would accuse Feli of fraternizing with the enemy if he didn’t know how eccentric he was.

The door to the apartment was unlocked you turned the knob the door was only opened an inch when you stopped; music you heard music.

It wasn’t like Ludwig to listen to music you peeked through the crack to see he wasn’t listening to music he was sitting on a stool strumming a guitar gently. Guitar? He has a guitar? You knew you should knock and let him know you were here but you didn’t you just listened.

He was very good it sounded as if he had been playing since he was young. Suddenly he began to sing in a clear soft voice.          

“Can’t you see
I love you
Please don’t break my heart in two
zat’s not hard to do
’cause I don’t have a vooden heart.
und if you say goodbye
zen I know zat I vould cry
maybe I vould die
’cause I don’t have a vooden heart.
zere’s no strings upon zis love of mine
it vas always you from the start.
Treat me nice
Treat me gut
Treat me like you really should
’cause I’m not made of vood
and I don’t have a vooden heart.

Muss I denn, muss I denn
Zum stadtele hinaus
Stadtele hinaus
Und du, mein schat, bleibst hier?

zere’s no strings upon zis love of mine
it vas always you from the start.
Sei mir gut
Sei mir gut
Sei mir wie du wirklich sollst
Wie du wirklich sollst
’cause I don’t have a vooden heart.”  

He strummed the guitar a few more times before the song ended. You couldn’t help yourself “aww!” you said he stood up in a flash looking directly at you with a sheepish grin you opened the door wider and stepped in. he fumbled with his guitar.

“Verdammit _____!” he said trying desperately to put it away before you saw it anymore. “Don’t you ever knock?” you waved him off.

“not if I can help it, but who cares? You can play guitar!” he finally managed to shove the thing into its big black case and drop it behind the couch.

He turned back to you brick red “so” you said teasingly “who’s that for? A girlfriend?” recently you had made the decision not to be jealous if he ever got a girlfriend (which he would have no trouble doing with those EYES, THOSE BIG BLUE ANIME EYES I’m getting all flustered just thinking about it)

“vell… no” he admitted “ohhh so it’s a crush then” “yes, I mean no! I mean aww man” he took off his military cap and threw forcefully at the ground.

You grinned, “So who is the lucky girl?” he rubbed the back of his neck “lucky?” he mumbled then glared at you “none of your beesvax”

you sauntered up to him “oh I do believe it is my beeswax who is it? Is it charlotte?” He frowned at you “no” “Sarah?” “No” you started listing all the girls he knew whether
passing acquaintance or good friend each time it was an unhesitating “no.” finally frustrated you blurted out. “The checkout lady at the grocery store!” he snickered “no” you opened your mouth to continue but he interrupted with “und no it’s not za greeter at val-Mart either” you shut your mouth and glared at him.

It was his entire fault you were too predictable.

“Ok, ok” you said “twenty questions! Is she someone I know?” he rolled his eyes
“Only too vell he muttered your shoulders sagged and you said the only name you had left


“Who?” he asked blithely you threw your hands up. “But those are the only ones you and I know!”

“Are you sure?” he asked evenly taking a step toward you your brow furrowed you bit your lip not even noticing how close he was.

“yes there are no more I can’t think of-” you looked up he was barely an inch from you he placed his hands on your shoulders you stammered as you always did when nervous.

“do you remember now” he whispered then he kissed you gently he respectfully drew back after three seconds but you threw your arms around his neck and pulled yourself forward kissing him full on the mouth.

Your sudden weight made him topple back onto the couch you didn’t care. He wrapped his arms around you kissing you passionately.

You broke for air “I love you Ludwig” you gasped breathlessly “Ich liebe dich _____” he responded

The door opened “hello Germany” Japan said looking down at a book he had in his hand “I picked up that book you requested- I’ll just leave now”

he had looked up at you two and whirled around fairly fleeing out the door nearly running into Italy.

“Hi Japan” the bouncy Italian said Japan grabbed his shoulder turned him around and marched him out the door “I believe training has been canceled today”.
It’s so fluffy! :iconitssofluffyplz: so yeah this is the only song I know besides la bamba and le festin that is in another language and you know Ludwig is German and the song was German I’m a hopeless romantic so… yeah I put two and two together
I don’t own you (unfortunately) but I own Germany :iconevilplz:
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SilviaMarti 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
So sweet... and the ending OMG poor Japan XD
anakind87 Apr 5, 2014  New member
Awwwwwwwww, that was just soo cuuute!!!:*claps hands* Soooo adorable!! Ludwig Beilschmidt playing guitar and singing in English AND in German?!!! Totally sweet!!:)
Finally someone gave me a invite to the Fluff Party!!!
The-Right-Girl1 Feb 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I looooove this! I've read it quite a few times already... XD
Now not only is the song stuck in my head, I also wanna hear a German sing it!
I must have arythmia or something cuz my heart started to spaz while i was reading this!!!
opaleyes17 Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this!

moonbladethebook Jan 11, 2014  Student General Artist
Why thank you! I'm glad you like it!
*has asthma attack* MOM GET THE INHALER!!!!!!!!!
HannahTheWriter123 Nov 29, 2013  Student Writer
*dies of fluffiness!*
4EverSlendermansGirl Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
“ohhh so it’s a crush then” “yes, I mean no! I mean aww man” XD
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