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lol you got me dA by moonbladethebook lol you got me dA :iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 2 2
Spin the Bottle (Finland x Reader)
“Let’s play spin the bottle!”
The first thing you thought was: ‘oh God no’ they would all agree and the world would end before your very eyes.
France and England first, then Russia, and lastly Japan.
But to your surprise Francis’ suggestion was met with dissonance
“No! Not on Christmas” “Yeah let’s just open presents now”
You sighed with relief and relaxed next to your boyfriend of three years, Tino.
“But whose presents should we open first?” Alfred piped up staring at a huge package with his name on it.
“How about, we set the presents up in a circle and spin a bottle in the middle?” Francis suggested.
Ok you had to admit, that was pretty brilliant. Everyone agreed and got up to set up the circle.
When finished you flopped down in the middle of the largest couches, to your surprise both Alfred and Francis dived to occupy the spaces taking up either side of you.
Tino placed the last present and tur
:iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 109 16
Writer's meme, My first meme! by moonbladethebook Writer's meme, My first meme! :iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 1 4
Spin the Bottle (Denmark x reader)
“Ugh” You sighed wearily climbing up the creaky wooden stairs of Austria’s house. You could hear Mathias’s shouts and orders from far above, as well as the pounding of everyone else’s feet as they ran around the rooms searching for Emil.
So close… yet so far. You reflected on the events that had occurred a mere few seconds ago…
You frowned, staring at the bottle. Kneeling down you gently took it in your grasp and spun it. Mathias glanced around “hey where’s Emil?” he shouted just as the bottle slowed to point at him.
“He’s not getting out of this one! Come on guys lets go get him” the circle dissolved as you spluttered and protested.
Your last chance had slipped out of your hands. “What a troll” you muttered reaching the top of the five story mansion to be confronted with an old door.
The white paint was chipped and peeling, the doorknob was coated with a thick layer of grime. You stopped and he
:iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 174 270
MARBLE HORNETS by moonbladethebook MARBLE HORNETS :iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 0 0 Masky! by moonbladethebook Masky! :iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 0 0 Improved Masky mask. by moonbladethebook Improved Masky mask. :iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 2 4 Drawings 11 by moonbladethebook Drawings 11 :iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 0 0 Drawings 10 by moonbladethebook Drawings 10 :iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 0 0 Drawings 9 by moonbladethebook Drawings 9 :iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 1 0 Drawings 8 by moonbladethebook Drawings 8 :iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 0 0 Drawings 7 by moonbladethebook Drawings 7 :iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 0 0 Drawings 6 by moonbladethebook Drawings 6 :iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 0 0 Masky mask by moonbladethebook Masky mask :iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 4 5
Spin the Bottle (Romania x chunky!reader)
“I-I don’t really want to play” you said quietly “aww come on ____” Francis cooed gently resting a reassuring hand on your shoulder. “It’ll be alright, just this once, please?” you blushed and looked at the floor.
You were standing just outside the circle with everyone looking at you expectantly.
Francis was your best friend he had been for many years; you had no trouble making friends people always said you were funny, nice, and just fun to be around. You were still a bit insecure, why? Well you were, how I shall say it, err round. Needless to say, you were bullied mercilessly but thankfully, you actually did have good friends who didn’t care about your appearance.
However, there was one who you wished was more than a friend, Vladimir. The thought of him made your heart flutter, his ruby red eyes, his cute little top hat, and his fangs.
“I’ll be right besides you” Francis said kindly you gave him a weak smile.
:iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 197 84
Happy birthday Clover! by moonbladethebook Happy birthday Clover! :iconmoonbladethebook:moonbladethebook 12 19


Building Plot

:iconlauramartinart:LauraMartinArt 183 18
Writing Tips: Dystopia and the Post-Apocalypse
Dystopia fiction is really, really popular for some reason. Actually, I know the reason—whether it be things like the Walking Dead or the resurgeance of survival games like Project Zomboid, it seems like everyone wants a piece of the dystopian pie. More or less, a dystopian story helps us realize that our lives aren't as shit as they could be. They may be a celebration of that fact, or a warning of that fact. So, how do you do the genre well? And let's get the obvious out of the way: no, your novel doesn't have to contain zombies. Zombies is a different tutorial altogether. We'll be talking about why you might want them here, but how to actually write zombies is for some other time.
Dystopia more or less means that the world is shit. It doesn't have to mean that the whole world is shit, just the world that the characters aren't able to escape from. And unfortunately, it's a lot more realistic than dystopia's opposite: utopia. You'll never be able to make a good utopia story (whil
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 366 128
Privacy Piracy #11 by schizmatic Privacy Piracy #11 :iconschizmatic:schizmatic 28 17
Writing Tips: Ideas/Ideas To Plot
To a professional writer, artist, painter, programmer, whatever, what is the value of a good idea? And for simplicity's sake, let's give it a monetary value. How much money would you pay for one good idea? How much money should you pay for one good idea? The answer? Nothing. An idea on its own is worthless. I could give you one-hundred ideas for a dollar and you're still being ripped off. And yes, immediately I'll say that's why no one who is working on a game or movie or whatever needs a dedicated "idea guy." If you're looking to be that person, I have an idea myself: get a skill that can actually contribute bringing that idea to life.
Why is that? Well... for starters, ideas are the byproduct of functions you do every day. Paying for an idea is like paying for someone else's carbon dioxide. Also, to top that off, any idea that anyone else comes up with is free for you to use. You don't need to worry about even the strictest copyright system in the world, because no one would p
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 335 32
Fantasy League by schizmatic Fantasy League :iconschizmatic:schizmatic 11 4 Schooled You by schizmatic Schooled You :iconschizmatic:schizmatic 6 1 No Strings (Age of Ultron Skin Art) by Jade-Sky-Creativity No Strings (Age of Ultron Skin Art) :iconjade-sky-creativity:Jade-Sky-Creativity 5 5 Loss by Lycanium Loss :iconlycanium:Lycanium 24,349 2,218 Female Balile Bubble Baths by Jade-Sky-Creativity Female Balile Bubble Baths :iconjade-sky-creativity:Jade-Sky-Creativity 3 0 I Never Asked To Be Made by Jade-Sky-Creativity I Never Asked To Be Made :iconjade-sky-creativity:Jade-Sky-Creativity 5 6
Character Memes
Choose 8 of your OCs, Cannon characters, or (with permission) your friends OCs. If you really want, you can even put in your friends, just don't put yourself in!
1. Balile
2. Clover
3. Joana
4. Araph
5. Rayguil
6. Jayda
7. Sky
8. Shark

Alright, now that we've got our 8, lucky souls, let's start the meme!  try to give long, full answers!
1. 1 and 3 are set up on a blind date, curtsey of 4. Why did 4 set up the date? Where do 1 and 3 go? What happens?
Araph probably set up the date so he could go outside, somewhere else and probably look for some old friends. Balile and Joana probably go to a restaurant, café, or an arcade and have a lot of fun.

2. 5 and 6 decide to spend the day at the city zoo! What happens?
I’d say all of a sudden they have make out sessions as a joke but I don’t even know if Jayda likes him. They’ve only slept once as a deal to get out of prison on a ship, Rayguil ship to be clear. Rayguil would end u
:iconjade-sky-creativity:Jade-Sky-Creativity 1 0
Embracism by schizmatic Embracism :iconschizmatic:schizmatic 8 11 Adorable Trash by Jade-Sky-Creativity Adorable Trash :iconjade-sky-creativity:Jade-Sky-Creativity 1 0 Bitch Say It Again by Jade-Sky-Creativity Bitch Say It Again :iconjade-sky-creativity:Jade-Sky-Creativity 1 0 Smile by doubleWbrothers Smile :icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 5,716 1,109


Well Kage, remind me never to piss you off. The line of dialogue in the description reminded me that this guy is a creepypasta. I had n...


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Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?

Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?
Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?

What Doctor Are You Most Like?
What Doctor Are You Most Like?
Hosted By <a
Which Of The Mane Six Are You?
Which Of The Mane Six Are You?



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